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World Congress on Computational Intelligence

Vancouver, Canada, 25-29th July, 2016


Special Session on

Hidden Complex Networks in Evolutionary Dynamics.
Past, Present and Future.

Evolutionary computation as well as complex systems dynamics and structure is a vibrant area of research in the last decades. To date, large set of nonlinear complex systems exhibiting chaotic and/or emergent behaviors are observed, analyzed and used. They include evolutionary algorithms, as Wright and Agapie proposed in Cyclic and Chaotic Behavior in Genetic Algorithms in 2001 on GECCO conference. Such algorithms, systems and its mutual fusion form an essential part of science and engineering. Most notable examples include chaos control and synchronization, chaotic dynamics for pseudo-random number generators in evolutionary algorithms, modeling of evolutionary dynamics like complex networks, use of chaos game with evolutionary algorithms and/or use evolution in complex systems design and analysis (evolutions in complex networks). Recently, the study of such phenomena is focused not only on the traditional trends but also on the understanding and analysis of principles, with the new intention of controlling and utilizing it toward real-world applications.

This special session is concerned about evolutionary dynamics as a complex process that can be modeled and analyzed by means of complex networks tools. Evolutionary algorithms are complex systems that consist of many interacting units (e.g. individuals, ...) where interactions can be recorded as a virtual complex network. Its attributes can be then analyzed, studied and used to better understand dynamical processes inside system under consideration and/or for its control or optimization of its behavior and structure.

In the session are welcome original research papers discussing new results, based on previous research papers, on PSO, differential evolution, SOMA, GA, ABC and other algorithms whose dynamics was converted into related complex network structure, analyzed and used to improve performance of discussed bio-inspired algorithms.

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Scope and Topics

The aim of this session is to bring together people from fundamental research, experts from various applications of evolutionary algorithms and complex systems, to develop mutual intersections and fusion. Also discussion of possible hybridization amongst them as well as real-life experiences with computer applications will be carried out to define new open problems in this interesting and fast growing field of research. The special session will focus on, but not limited to, the following topics:

•Evolutionary dynamics as a complex network

•Analysis of evolutionary dynamics by means of complex network tools

•Mutual relations amongst evolutionary dynamics, complex network and CML systems

•Evolutionary dynamics as a feedback loop system, analysis and control

•Randomness, chaos and fractals in evolutionary dynamics and its impact on algorithm performance.

Organized by

Ivan Zelinka

Department of Computer Science

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science VŠB-TUO

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708 33 Ostrava-Poruba

Czech Republic

Guanrong Chen

Department of Electronic Engineering

City University of Hong Kong

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P. R. China

Ponnuthurai Nagaratnam Suganthan

Division of Control & Instrumentation

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

College of Engineering

Nanyang Technological University


Andy Adamatzky

Director of the Unconventional

Computation Centre

University of the West of England

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René Lozi

Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné


Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis